John Burford’s Swing Trading with Tramlines

I am an active trader and trade the swings in the markets using my tramline trading system (tramlines, Fibonacci levels and Elliott Waves). Trading is a marathon, not a sprint, and I aim to stay in overall profit by ensuring my average win per winner is many times my average loss per loser.

I keep losses small by using my strict money management rules.

You can now use my experience and success in the markets by getting a copy of my book, signing up for my trading alerts newsletter or indeed both with one of the complete packages.

You will see on this site more information about the book and the alerts – including a sample of what to expect if you sign up.

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Most books on trading the financial markets leave you high and dry after you have finished reading them. I decided to change all of that. In my new Tramline Trading book, I explain how I trade using my top chart setups and now, with my Tramline Trading Alert service, you can follow the markets as I analyse promising trade setups.

I will cover all major currency crosses, major stock indexes, gold, interest rate futures, and an occasional individual share. My plan is to issue from three to five Alerts a month with each Alert containing several trade setups.

My tramline method is very simple – I use no fancy indicators or complex equations – it is a visual, chart-based system that has stood the test of time.

As you receive my Alerts, you will see my top trade setups come to life. In Chapter Four of my book, I list my Five Best Trade Setups and explain how to trade them. I shall be referencing these setups a lot in my Alerts.

This is like having me, a very experienced trader, look over your shoulder as you study the markets!

Alert Subscription Pricing

3 month's alerts

3 months of Tramline Alerts

Just £57

12 month's alerts

12 months of Tramline Alerts.

Just £177

Please note: The subscription will automatically renew after the initial 3 or 12 months. To cancel your subscription please email

About the Book

There are certain universal chart patterns that are traced out time and time again by markets – these patterns have stood the test of time and can be instantly recognised by a skilled trader. When you learn how to spot these patterns and use them to forecast market action you have the basis of a winning trading method. Tramline Trading is a complete practical guide that shows you precisely how to do this.


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